Word & Prayer Plan


Goal: this is a very simple tool, a Life-Giving tool, that we’ll encourage the church to use as part of their discipleship journey this next year.



We receive Life as we gather regularly with God in Word & prayer. Use this tool to deepen your relationship with God and grow the impact of your prayer life.

Sundays Scripture reading is the text that will be preaching in our Sunday gathering, Monday-Friday is a journey through the Psalms, and Saturdays are off. You need to figure out the most life-giving way for you to use the Word & Prayer Plan, but we recommend dedicating a set time and place each day to use this tool, picking one verse or phrase of the day’s reading to write down and meditate on throughout the day, and to pray each day’s prayer in a new way each week.


SUNDAY: Pray for Garden City’s Sunday gathering(s), ask God to transform lives in our services.

MONDAY: Pray for our church as we’re scattered in our workplaces, that we’d seek and work for the welfare of our city.

TUESDAY: Pray for 1-2 Non-Christian friends you want God to save this year.

WEDNESDAY: Pray for God to multiply your Life Group so that more people encounter the abundant life we enjoy.

THURSDAY: Pray 1-2 big, impossible prayers—keep praying big and asking God to move.

FRIDAY: Pray for God to multiply our church and bring revival to Silicon Valley.