To see God’s name become the biggest name in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley, CA

San Jose is California’s first city. Founded in 1777, the early settlers of San Jose called their new home the “Garden City” because everything they planted grew and flourished in the city’s good soil and temperate climate. This was a prophetic name for the city that’s grown to become the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Silicon Valley is home to over 2 million people and home to major global corporations such as Google, Apple, eBay, Cisco, and Adobe. Silicon Valley is a flourishing and strategic city that plays a pivotal economic and cultural role in our global world. What happens in Vegas might stay in Vegas, but what happens in Silicon Valley impacts the world.

We love Silicon Valley. It’s a beautiful place to live and work. Yet Silicon Valley is also a broken city teeming with over-worked and under-loved people seeking meaning, hope, and glory in everything except the God who created them. The nearly 8-million-person San Francisco Bay Area is perhaps the most un-churched region in America.

A Big Vision for Silicon Valley

Forbes Magazine has called our city both “the most innovative city in America” and “the most sinful city in America.” Silicon Valley needs not just one new church; it needs hundreds of new churches. Things don’t have to stay the way they are. Our dream is for Garden City Church to pioneer a gospel movement, a church planting movement, in the Bay Area.

We have a supernatural vision for our church. It’s a God-sized vision. We believe God wants to use our church to help turn Silicon Valley—a place known for its technological impact—into a region also known for its worship of Jesus and its gospel impact. Instead of Apple, Google, or Facebook, we want to see God’s name become the biggest name in Silicon Valley. We believe God wants to use our church to raise the dead, to turn spiritually dead people into worshippers of the risen and reigning Jesus who are passionate to see others meet, enjoy, and follow Jesus. Hence our mission: Depending on God to grow disciples deep & wide for God’s glory.

The story of the Bible starts in a Garden (Eden) and ends in a Garden City (the New Jerusalem). It’s the story of God rescuing and redeeming broken people and renewing broken cities. We believe God has called us to plant something new in the Garden City—to plant a church that will impact a city that’s impacting the rest of the world. Through Garden City Church we hope to make the gospel of Jesus Christ accessible to the people of Silicon Valley in a new and profound way. Our prayer is that Silicon Valley will be a better city because Garden City Church exists. Our hope is that other parts of the world will feel this too.

Growing Disciples