Depending on God to Grow Disciples deep & wide for God’s glory

These twelve words are what Garden City Church is all about. To join Garden City you’re not joining a static entity, you’re joining a dynamic mission. Becoming a member of our church means committing to dependently, proactively advance our mission of growing disciples. These twelve words (which are our way of stating Jesus’ mission for his church: the Great Commission of Matthew 28:16-20) guide and shape everything we are and everything we do as Garden City Church.

Jesus has given his church only one mission: make disciples. There are many things we could do and many things that could distract us as a church. Because of what Jesus has told us, we have decided to focus on just one thing at Garden City: growing disciples.

BUT, even more important than our mission is our identity. What starts and fuels our mission statement is three words: “Depending on God." This statement starts by first reminding us who we are: people, disciples, who are 100% dependent on God. A “disciple” is a person who is now defined by the love of God instead of being defined by their performance, their past, or their pain. A disciple is someone whose life is powered by God, not self. A disciple is someone who is growing in their relationship with Jesus and helping others meet Jesus and mature in him. Our mission to grow disciples flows from our identity as disciples, as beloved sons and daughters of God. It’s critical that we remember our identity first and then, encouraged and empowered by the good news of the gospel, we carry out of mission. Jesus’ words in John 15 drive our mission: we are mere branches called to abide in the love of Jesus our vine, and as we live this dependent life our God will use us diverse branches to bear fruit for his Kingdom.

We want Garden City members to wake up in the morning and concentrate on the reality that their identity and standing with God doesn’t depend on what they DO, but on what Jesus has DONE for them. We are an unfinished people resting in the finished work of Jesus. As we rest in the reality that God perfectly knows and loves us and is passionately committed to spreading his glory throughout the earth, we naturally move forward in mission—growing disciples deep & wide for God’s glory. We grow disciples deep (rootedness in God, core relationships, and our home in Silicon Valley), wide (breadth of influence, stretching out our branches to bless others), and for God’s glory.

Garden City is not a church where we will allow you to be passive or to be a consumer. Garden City grows disciples instead of pleasing consumers. Members of Garden City Church are called to take initiative to live out our mission. This mission is for all of us.

Though Garden City is governed and led by a team of pastors/elders and additionally led by an ever-growing team of deacons who assist the elders in shepherding the flock and growing disciples, we want a church full of leaders. Our members are leaders. Whether or not you ever hold a leadership title at Garden City, we want a church full of members who take the lead in carrying out our mission: Depending on God to grow disciples deep & wide for God’s glory. If you become a member, this becomes your mission.

This mission isn’t easy. You will meet resistance from the Enemy as you pursue this mission and this mission will require you to supernaturally rely on God. Though difficult, joining this mission will be immensely rewarding as you watch Jesus use you and use our church in supernatural ways.

What drives our mission is the finished work of Christ (the gospel). Pursuing this mission doesn’t earn us anything. We pursue this mission as a response to the life-changing grace of God. Ultimately, this is Jesus’ mission. He’s building our church and he calls and empowers us to join him in his supernatural disciple-making mission. We think it’s the most exciting thing anyone could be a part of.