Sunday's Setlist


We’re going to begin posting the upcoming setlist for each weekend every Friday in order to prepare our hearts to worship God and to encourage one another as we sing! You’ll find a link and playlist, as well as an encouragement for each week as we get excited to sing loudly together.

This Sunday! We’re singing SO many songs (7). And all of them are Garden City songs! We’re excited to release Garden City’s first EP this weekend and we’ll sing through all these God glorifying, church edifying songs together!

In future posts, we’ll tell you the stories behind some of the songs we’ve written as a way to dig more deeply into God’s Word and to further enmesh our hearts with the truths that we’re singing.

  1. We Give You Glory - We’re setting the tone of the day with this song. Our hope and intentions are clear: we want to give glory to Jesus.

  2. Brother! Sister! - I’m excited to introduce this new tune to Garden City. This song was birthed from Psalm 113. It’s an appeal to the body of Christ to “Praise the LORD!”

  3. Orphans No Longer - We know and sing this song well as a church family. I’m excited to tell you the story of this song in a future post.

  4. My Deliverer - Grace Yeh and I wrote this song early this year. I’m excited to finally introduce it to our church.

  5. Our Savior Appeared - Song Story here.

  6. Man of War - This has become a meaningful anthem for our church: “The LORD is a man of war! the LORD is His name!” We have an enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy. It’s important for us to remember that the way Jesus brought life to us was through His own death and resurrection!

  7. Thank You - What a fitting song to end our service with. Don’t wait until Sunday. Would you think of something you are grateful for and give thanks to God this very moment?

Ben Moore