Awe & Power Plan


For year 7 of Garden City we are calling our church to train 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday) with this Awe & Power Plan. This tool unites our entire church to encounter God in Sunday’s sermon text on both Sunday and Monday, and then through the Psalms Tuesday-Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are for rest. We are trusting the Trinity to grow us into a community of contagious believers in awe of God & armored with the power of God, who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think. 



Devote 15-30 minutes Sunday-Thursday to exercise with this tool, accountable to your growth partner, a friend, or a team. Instead of always training alone, we encourage you to often train with our church, meeting up with some people to work through the day’s text. We believe God will use this discipline to grow in us 3 habits of contagious believers:


  • Practicing Presence: Becoming more present to, aware of, and in awe of our Big God who has adopted us as his sons/daughters, is for his kids, and fills us with his fullness (Eph 1).

  • Praying Big: Praying God-sized prayers together, and putting on the armor of God to wrestle against “the cosmic powers over this present darkness” (Eph 3, 6).

  • Discovering Design: Discovering our unique design/workmanship and the good works God is calling us to walk in to build up the body of Christ and influence our city (Eph 2:10).



1. Practice Presence - Practice making yourself fully present to God—He is present with you right now and wants to draw you into deeper awareness and awe of him. Perhaps transition into this encounter with God with a few minutes of silence/stillness, then read today’s text. Explore some of these questions with your Father: What is this text about? Who or what has been capturing your awe instead of God? What’s a verse or phrase in this text that the Spirit is impressing upon you to deepen your awe and enjoyment of God? Write that phrase down and use it as your main conversation piece with your Father throughout today.


2. Pray Big - God can do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think. We glorify God when we pray big. Put on the armor of God (is there a piece of armor in Ephesians 6 you especially need today?) and join your church family in “standing against the schemes of the devil” and praying today’s big prayer. 

-Sunday: Ask God to freshly show his power and grow our awe of him in today’s 4pm gathering.

-Monday: Ask Jesus to use our church in our workplaces to do good work that blesses our city.

-Tuesday: Pray for 1 non-Christian friend in Silicon Valley you want Jesus to save this year.

-Wednesday: Pray for the Spirit to multiply your Life Group’s influence in Silicon Valley.

-Thursday: Ask God to do something that seems impossible to you. 


3. Discover Design - Stay in communion with Jesus as you engage today’s text. Right now is about growing a relationship, not accomplishing a task. Your Father has a unique design and call on your life, and he is committed to revealing more of this to you. What might God be saying to you thru this text about your unique design and the good works he’s calling you to walk in today to build up our church body and/or cause gospel disturbance in our city? What’s the Spirit showing you about the unique design of somebody else in our church family, and how could you speak words of life that encourage that person today?   

Talk with your Father about anything else you need to talk with him about. Rest in his presence, take a deep breath, then go about your day in awe of him & armored with his power.